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  • President Andrew Johnson formally declared the Civil War over
  • German forces occupied Brussels Belgium during WW I.
  • Britain opened its offensive on the Western front during WW I
  • US's 1st coml radio 8MK later WWJ Detroit began daily broadcasting
  • Dumont's 1st TV Broadcast for home reception NY city
  • Leon Trotsky assassinated in Mexico City by agents of Stalin
  • British PM Churchill said of the Royal Air Force `Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.'
  • Dimout regulations implemented in SF
  • Russia publicly acknowledges a test detonation of a hydrogen bomb.
  • 1st airplane to exceed 1800 mph - HA Hanes Palmdale Ca
  • Hundreds killed in anti-French rioting in Morocco & Algeria
  • Republicans convene at the Cow Palace
  • Senegal gains independence from France
  • LBJ signs an anti-poverty measure totaling nearly $1 billion.
  • 650 000 Soviet-block troops invade Czechoslovakia
  • Viking 1 launched toward orbit around Mars soft landing
  • Voyager 2 launched for fly-by of Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune
  • UN Security Council votes 14-0 US abstains condemning Israel's declaration that all of Jersualem was its capital.
  • A mail carrier in Edmond Okla. shot 14 fellow workers dead

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